Mahaulepu, Kauai

Mahaulepu, Kauai

Maha’ulepu beach and trail are one of Poipu’s hidden treasures. The coastal trail begins at Shipwreck beach and takes one across a variety of terrain, from small sand dunes to sandstone pinnacles and even a sinkhole cave. The trail leads to beautiful Mahaulepu beach, a great place to spot whales in the winter or a monk seal napping on the beach. The trail continues past the long stretch of beach. Because there’s a lot to explore along the way it typically takes 1-2 hours to reach Mahaulepu beach and another hour to continue the hike past the beach along the coast. The uncrowded beach sometimes offers snorkeling during the winter months (the south shore experiences calm seas during the winter). It’s also possible to drive to Mahaulepu beach along a confusing and very bumpy dirt road that begins just past the Hyatt. This road belong to Grove Farm and they close the gate at 6pm sharp..

Mahaulepu Pictures


Mahaulepu Panoramic Pictures

Mahaulepu panorama

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